Most Improved Country: Planning

Argentina has made great strides to improve infrastructure planning and governance settings.

In 2018, Argentina established the PPP Secretariat to work under the scope of the Chief Cabinet Ministers and the Bicameral Committee to oversee PPP projects. The PPP Secretariat is the application authority of the PPP legal regime in Argentina. It performs activities related to the supervision of the execution of PPP agreements in every stage in compliance with the provisions of the PPP framework. It is in charge of the following:

  • Assisting the executive branch on the design of PPP programmes and plans and in drafting the implementing regulations
  • Assisting the relevant contracting agencies in the design and structuring of PPP projects, their procurement processes and in designing the control and auditing methods

The PPP Secretariat is also responsible for publishing relevant information related to PPP contracts’ procurement processes, performance and auditing.[1] In line with this, the Secretariat has developed and published a PPP and infrastructure pipeline. The cross-sectoral pipeline contemplates a series of energy, transport, communications and technology, water and sanitation, health, justice and education projects to be developed across the country.[2]

The PPP and infrastructure pipeline also serve as the country’s infrastructure plan, providing insights to the investment sector and community of the Government’s infrastructure project priorities.

The above developments in Argentina – the PPP unit and project planning and pipeline – are in line with the G20’s Roadmap to Infrastructure as an Asset Class.[3]



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